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About Us

Glorify yourself with WAH success!!!

When was the last time you went to your Travel agent to buy your flight or train ticket? Forgot, ......can’t remember!!!


Well, this is exactly what you are now about to do, forget!! Be it your nightmare experiences for Grocery shopping or finding the best deal for your favourite dish, forget all your past bitter experriences.


No more reluctantly going through the hassle of driving to crowded markets and then first jostling for space to park your car before you actually start the ordeal of wondering which shop or nearby retaurant to visit, to get all your Grocery needs or satisfying your hunger with a good meal, at the best deal helping to "Save" your hard earned money.


Now, WAH Click has arrived to make your life simpler by just a few clicks from the comfort of your home or on the go forever!


No need now to worry about going from store to store or even searching and comparing on different web sites as to who gives you the best deal on that pack of Saffola Oil 5ltr jar you require right now or the favourite Revlon Ultra HD lipstick you have been looking for or those special 2kgs of Raw Chicken you need to party with your friends over the weekend.


Shopping for grocery or exploring a good deal for a B-day Party, a Kitty Party, a Office Party or say a Marriage Party at grand restaurants or Banquets has never been so easy, exciting, hassle free.


Above all WAH Click gives you deals that converts to huge savings, ultimately giving you a twinkle in your eyes and the smile of satisfaction of having achieved the impossible while relaxing in your couch and watching your favourite TV program or that super exciting cricket match!!!


You can also select your favourite Restaurant or Grocery store directly and purchase from there as well when you so wish. And you get all this by just a simple click in your smart phone.


However, we recommend you to make the best of your purchases by availing the unique feature of saving through the WAH Click best price feature by clicking on "GET WAH DEALS" where the WAH Click in-built program works out the best deal for you as it checks prices from all the restaurants or stores (on WAH Click platform) in the range and location you have selected and gives you the best deal. 


India is a land of wise people. Else how would you describe the fact that when the entire world all around is reeling under debt and perishing to bankruptcy we here are unfettered and queuing up in huge numbers on weekends at multiplexes!!!


Only because, we in India have the age old traditional beauty of a habit called “Savings” unlike the rest of the world who gorges and splashes on chocolates and credit cards as if there is no tomorrow to face. Savings - has been the unique fundamental success stories of Indians globally. Remember that famous Ad – “Kitna deti hai”. We Indians take pride in savings. WAH Click has arrived now to add on to your savings in leaps and bounds never dreamt before.


While at WAH Click we take pride in having developed a first of its kind, unique and ingenious, easy-to-use savings tool like WAH Click Mobile App/Web for you, working quietly in anonymity, we look forward to see you boisterously enjoying and reaping the benefits by using WAH Click to the best of your ability.


We are young, we are spirited, we are eager and enthusiastic to be amongst you and, we look forward to growing in the days ahead with your guidance, and advises when we falter which we would surely do at times as that's what life teaches us. But we assure you we shall not repeat a mistake or ignore your cardinal advises ever.


Our young but experienced team of dedicated professionals from the industry are constantly abuzz with their ears to the ground and nose to the grindstone to win your smiles to give you the best of experiences in on-line shopping of products & services like never before.


WAH Click is privileged to have users like You and we look forward to very exciting days ahead.


We also take the opportunity to thank all our asscociate partners, vendors, service providers et. al. 


And yes, please don’t jostle to come forward and thank us as we are humbled by your very presence! Thank yourself, for being a proud Indian and rise up to download the WAH Click App and enjoy glorious happy days ahead - India saves India Grows!  


From the entire Team at WAH Click we wish you all happy Clicking. 


Team WAH Click