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Career With Us

Graphic Designer

Qualities:    Creative flair, originality and a strong visual sense, strong computer skills, confidence to present and explain ideas to clients and colleagues and an interest in graphics and typography.


  1. Liaising with clients to determine their requirements and budget.
  2. Managing ...
Post by HR 23rd March 2016

Tele-Sales Executives

Tele Sales Executives Responsibilities:

  1. Influences customers to buy or retain product or service by following a prepared script to give product reference information.
  2. Explain the customers - based on product offers / benefits.
  3. Promoting the products.
  4. Customer follow-up.
  5. Feedback - mails/phones.
  6. Maintains database ...
Post by HR 23rd March 2016

Sales Executives

Sales executives will be responsible for the maximization of sales for the company’s products. They will help in the turnover of sales and provide data’s regarding changes required in the product to meet customer standards. They are the people who will reach towards the customer directly and shall be the front face of the organisation towards its channel partners/clients.


Post by HR 23rd March 2016

Team Leaders

This position is a middle managerial level in the Company, supervises one of the sales teams and is responsible for overall team performance.

The Team Leader leads a group of 3-6 Sales staff (may vary depending on ability and requirement).

Reporting Level

The sales team leader reports directly to Sales Manager.

In case of the position of sales ma...

Post by HR 23rd March 2016