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Shopping On WAH Click

How do I shop for a product on WAH Click?

Shopping for a product on WAH Click is easy and you can start by creating an account with us on the web or just downloading the App.
Shopping on WAH Click is as simple as the age-old system that we all have been traditionally doing all these years by simply making a list of things that we need. On the WAH Click website or App you simply need to feed in your list of goods that you need (needless to say by clicking a few characters you get the product name, size etc. as we have around 40,000 products already pre-installed in the system).
After listing your needs you just have to click GET WAH DEALS and you get a whole list of retail neighbourhood suppliers with their offers at the best of prices in ascending or descending order.
No need to worry about going to store after store or searching on different web sites as to who gives you the best deal on that pack of Mawana Sugar you require right now or the favourite Revlon Ultra HD lipstick you have been looking for or those special 2kgs of Raw Chicken you need to party with your friends over the weekend or a combination of products at that particular day or moment.
Shopping has never been so easy, exciting and hassle free that converts to huge savings ultimately, giving you a twinkle in your eyes and the smile of satisfaction of having achieved the impossible while relaxing in your couch and watching your favourite TV program!!!
Alternatively you can also select your favourite Store directly and purchase from there as well if and when you so wish.
However, we recommend you to make the best of your purchases by availing the unique feature of saving through the WAH Click best price feature by clicking on WAH DEALS where the WAH Click in-built program works out the best deal for you enabling you huge savings resulting in relaxed fun filled days ahead.
This is what we call being truly digitally empowered.
Confirm your order by choosing CONFIRM ORDER mode.

Do I need to open a WAH Click account for shopping?

Ans. We recommend you to open an account with WAH Click to enjoy personalized shopping experience. This account will help you in adding products to your cart and My Wish list, for quick checkout process, checking the status and also reviewing the products you have purchased.

What is the difference between Cart and My Wish list?

Ans. Whenever you purchase a product on WAH Click, you have to add it to your cart. In case you do not complete the order after adding the product in your cart, then the product automatically gets removed after 30 minutes. However, if you want to place the order later, you can add the products from "My Wish list." The product added to your My Wish list will stay even after you log out from your account.

Order Related

How do I place an order for a product on WAH Click.com?

WAH Click.com has a vast range of products and you will definitely find the right product to suit your requirements. To place an order, you need to follow just a few simple steps.
1). Log into your WAH Click account using your registered email address and password.
2). Browse through our various categories and products
3). Select the item that you want to purchase and click "Add to Cart" button to add it to your cart
4). Click "Place Order" to complete your purchase or click "Continue Shopping" to add some more items to your cart.
5). Fill in the required delivery address if new or else it will accept and display your pre-fed address information.
6). Click “Place Order”
7). Instantly you will have a whole list of suppliers from your neighbourhood or selected area with their best price offers.
8). Select the supplier you feel best to deal with and press “Confirm Order”

Congrats! You have successfully placed an order through WAH Click.